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Loco Dojo offers Yoga Practice

You will find our YOGA classes to be easy, with comfortable and gentle alignments, positions and movements, yet challenging and useful... and will leave you feeling great and coming back for more!

YOGA - Yin Yoga - Adults Only - Deep Relaxing Poses and Deep, Gentle Stretching.
YOGA - #MoveMelt™ / #Stretch - Gentle, Active and Passive Stretching. Low-Intensity. #Increase Flexibility. #Relieve Stress, #Feel Great, #Sleep Better.

YOGA - Namaste Karate™ - Deep, Meditative Yoga, Self Defense, Standup & Ground Techniques. Philosophical Concepts/Strategy/Theory/Scenarios/Avoidance/De-Escalation/Resolution. Instructor guides, adjusts and provides technical breakdowns.

FITNESS - MoveMelt™ / #Flow - Deep, Dynamic, Free-Flowing, Mindfully-Meditative Breath, Stretch, Strength & Movement Training for Self Defense & MMA. Gentle, yet Rigorous.
YOGA - Namaste Karate™ / #PSD - Philosophical Self Defense. Philosophical Concepts/Strategy/Theory/Scenarios/Avoidance/De-Escalation/Resolution. Practical Methods for Defending your Consciousness, Perception, Causality and Experience.
We offer a philosophical and respectful, yet dogma-free environment!

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